Ditch the Diet

Imagine never having to go on a restrictive, boring diet again.

Learn how to eat for energy and vitality.

Feel healthy, full of energy and lose weight for good. You make the changes to your own diet so that you can sustain them.

Hi I'm Wendy and I'm a qualified nutritionist.

Are you sick of restrictive diets, telling you what you can eat and when?  Of having to count calories, points or syns?

There is a better way.  I'll explain the fundamentals of a healthy diet, we'll set fun challenges and help you to make small, long term changes that will have you full of vitality and enjoying your food again.  

The only diet that works is the one that you create for yourself.  I'll help you and be with you every step of the way.

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We have been brainwashed by the diet industry to believe that the only way is to follow a restrictive diet.......which doesn't suit you...so you can't follow it and you fail....which makes you feel bad


There is no such thing as fail with food, it's about balance.

Once you balance the food that you love with making sure you get all the nourishment you need you will realise it's not about success or failure, it's about feeling great.

And we all want to feel great right?

Here’s the thing...

I'm a bit vain, and I want to look and feel good about myself. 

I tried the diets, they made me feel sad, so I started to listen to how food made me feel and I realised that if I put the emphasis on what I could eat, foods that nourished me, then I could still have fun, and my weight became stable.....and even better I felt great, full of energy and a zest for life.

Thats why I created the Ditch the Diet membership, so that I can share my knowledge with you and you can feel better FOREVER.

Wendy x


What do my clients say?

It's the best investment I made. (Hannah)

I'm a changed man and it's all down to you Wendy. (Gareth)

I have more energy, and my nails have grown for the first time in years. (Louise)



Do you want to stop the roller-coaster ride of another diet, another quick weight loss followed by an even quicker weight gain?

Take control back of YOUR diet and take responsibility for the food you eat....


Eat food that makes you feel full...physically and emotionally.  Get more energy and vitality so you can enjoy life more.

Want fo feel full of energy and have a renewed zest for life?

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Learn to eat for vitality and energy

is this membership site for you?

Are you confused by the constant information about what is healthy and what is not.... I'll bust the myths and get to the bottom of the headlines

Are you sick of feeling bloated...lacking in energy...is your skin dull....do you struggle sleeping...?  

Are you sick and tired of starting the latest celebrity diet....... only to realise you need to spend ££££ on ingredients......and hours chopping prepping and cooking.....only to feel hungry and dissatisfied.... and after two weeks of losing weight you realise it's only sustainable if you have your own personal chef and spend three hours in the gym each day?

Are YOU READY to take responsibility for your own diet,  and the food you eat?

If you shouted


then let’s do it and join now!

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 The Ditch the Diet membership site is different

You will never be on a diet again...

thats because you will eat healthy, nourishing food every day......each month we will have a different theme and we'll have some fun challenges along the way to keep you motivated....I'll release a recipe EVERY WEEK so you have lots of ideas about food you can cook.....and I'll share my top tips on ways to eat healthy when you are busy and have no time......but ultimately you are in control, you make the decisions and that's why it isn't a diet, it's just the way YOU eat....


So what can you expect?


Every month I'll release a new video talking about that months theme.

I'll explain what you need to know about how you can apply that sensibly to your diet.  

  • Advice and tips
  • Cutting through the headlines and explain the facts
  • Weekly recipes around the monthly theme


To keep you motivated and on track we'll have lots of challenges, which I'll do with you.

They will be different each month depending on the theme such as:

  • Trying a vegetable you've never eaten before
  • 3 day cook along meal plan
  • Creating healthier versions of our favourite meals
  • Trying unusual ingredients
  • Finding alternative sources of protein/milk/fibre

Cook with me live.

Every Wednesday I'm live cooking lunch, chatting about the healthy benefits of the ingredients and how they fit in with each months theme.

Once a month we have a Cook-Along where you can join me in the zoom room and we cook dinner together and I'll answer all your questions live.


You get access to the full back-catalogue of recipes plus each week there is a new recipe released:

  • Weekly recipe around the monthly theme
  • Categorised by ease of cooking for easy searching
  • Emphasis on tasty filling meals
  • Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten free options wherever possible.

PLUS you'll get access to the members facebook group

Where you get to ask me (or the group) questions at any time

Yes I'm in, join for just £18 per month
Yes, I want to save money and pay £180 a year

Don't worry I'll be with you.

You never have to feel alone, I'll be with you every step of the way.  

It isn't about creating perfection it's about making better decisions every day until they become habit and the new way you eat.

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